Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woo Hoo

I got the job!! It's part time, mother's hours during the week but I am so excited!! I wish it paid a bit more but oh well. I feel bad because I had just taken a job at Dunkin Donuts part time while Mason was at school too, but i had to go in and tell my boss that today was my last day. I really am torn because as much as I needed the guaranteed hours and more money, the Dunkin Donuts job is physical and I was sweating up a storm every day I worked and I wasn't eating while I was there so I had breakfast in the morning and then a small lunch when I got home and dinner at night, so I think if I stayed at it there I would have started to really loose weight. This new job is for a great company, they have residential home for people with mental retardation, they do Aids counseling and testing, the run the Wic program, and a bunch of other stuff too, so I am very excited to be apart of such a great company! :) Have a great night my friends!

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