Monday, March 14, 2011

long time

Hello out there blogging world, sorry I have been gone so long.

Well I will get right to the point, I have not been diong much of anything on the "dieting" front. I mean I get into it and start seeing some results and then something happens and I go on a binge. As it's happening I think to myself "no big deal, it's just one day, tomorrow will be right back on track" well tomorrow comes and goes and nothing is on track. I go right back to eating junk and not excersizing. I loose 7-10 pounds, feel great and think FINALLY!! and then I gain it all right back again.

I am renewing my wedding vows this summer, I asked my Uncle (he's a Pastor) to perform the ceremony, I am so excited, yet slightly dreading it because i have not lost any weight... I don't want to be fat still as we renew our vows. I have been overweight my whole life and as unhappy as I am, I'm comfortable here, I've always been here, fat is all I've ever known. I did loose 40 pounds while taking Metformin and then I got pregnant and gained 60, for some reason the doctor's won't put me back on the Metformin though.

I guess tha's it for now, I have so much more to share with everyone but I don't want to keep rambling! ;) have a great Monday!