Sunday, May 20, 2012

I made it!!

So yesterday my husband and I were trying to decide what to do to enjoy the nice weather on the beautiful day we had. It was to nice to stay inside, but we don't have a lot of money to spend so it had to be cheap or free fun :) We decided to go to Borderland Park and walk around. Normally we go, play in the field with Mason (Frisbee, tag, whatever) and then just walk around the pond for a bit and then go. Not yesterday though, yesterday something went wrong....terribly, terribly wrong. Now in hindsight we made some mistakes that were preventable and kinda we should have had at least 1 bottle of water between the 3 of us (more on that later!) We decided to take a new path, and it was great, the sun was shining, we were taking in nature, I took some good pictures. We walked for about 45 minutes when Mason started complaining he was getting tired so we decided to start heading back. We ended up reading the map incorrectly and we got lost. We went through a swamp, we were up in the mountain with lots of rocks, it was hot, it was hard, and as I mentioned we had no water or anything to drink. At one point I sat down and cried and told Dean I couldn't do it and to take Mason and send someone for me. We came to another fork in the trail and Mason fell and hurt his foot, hearing him cry my heart stopped. We are stuck in the middle of no where, hadn't seen another person in almost an hour and had no idea how to get back or how long it would take. I was panicking, and cursing my husband for making us do this in the first place. (Even though I had no problems with the idea initially) We were sweating, thirsty, tired, hot, hungry, and thirsty...sorry I said that already LOL Our hands were so swollen we couldn't even make a closed fist. Dean started reading the maps, and we eventually made it back on a trail that we had started on. We backtracked and (Surprise) started finding our way. As we came out of the woods and saw grass, and people, I was so happy. Mason and I collapsed on the grass to try and cool off some and catch our breathes as Dean just powered on to the main building where the bubbler and bathrooms were. After 5 minutes of laying in the grass I made Mason get up and we s l o w l y walked up the hill and finally got to the house. I could have cried again, I was so happy. I ran in and drank so much water, I'm glad the place was empty because I was probably close to making out with the ting I was so thirsty. I went to the bathroom, and drank some more and then we left. I looked at my phone as we got in the car and almost 4 hours had passed. Think about that 4 hours, which means we were lost for about 3 of those 4 hours. It may not sound like much but it was FOREVER to us.... but guess what?! We did it!

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